Fibics Incorporated - About Us

Fibics Incorporated, a privately owned company, was established by Michael W. Phaneuf, President, in early 1997 with the goal of developing applications of Focused Ion Beam (FIB) microscopy in the fields of Metallurgy and Materials Science.  Since acquiring its first FIB in 1997, Fibics has developed an international reputation for its work in both metallurgy/materials science and semiconductor device modification (microsurgery) as well as in TEM specimen preparation, “nanomachining” and analysis.

Our services include:

  • Micromachining and high resolution FIB sectioning and imaging of semiconductors, metallurgical specimens, and advanced materials
  • Semiconductor device modification - front-side and back-side micro surgery
  • Site-specific TEM sample preparation and TEM/AEM/STEM analysis
  • Probe pad deposition and failure analysis

Staff Expertise

Fibics Incorporated, now with a staff of eleven includes two Ph.D.’s and two M.Sc.Eng.’s and all technical staff members have at least a decade’s experience in high-end microbeam characterization and specimen preparation in the fields of semiconductors and materials science.  Fibics is located in Ottawa, on the campus of the Materials Technology Laboratory of Natural Resources Canada. Our staff expertise and our state-of-the-art analytical instruments mean that we can provide you with solutions that meet your semiconductor or materials science needs at competitive prices and with timely results.

Research and development

Research and development are a cornerstone to both Fibics’ corporate philosophy and its success.  We are acknowledged world-wide for our FIB development efforts (including patented technology for use with copper interconnect and IC imaging as well as joint R&D activities with major analytical equipment manufacturers). Fibics has also developed a “remote microscopy” capability, whereby clients can, by using Fibics’ specialized software and a standard internet connection, watch in real-time the process of their work being performed, without the need to travel to Fibics’ facility.  Fibics performs extensive joint research and development with major Canadian government laboratories in Ottawa, and we are actively seeking to expand our collaborations.  Our experience in FIB applications to materials science is probably the largest in North America.

Fibics has a keen interest in the history of developing novel applications, either under confidentiality agreements or for the purpose of publishing research results to expand the FIB field. 90% of our work is in the field of "real-world, commercial problems." Our work focuses mainly on industrially relevant problems and solutions. Concurrently, we maintain a very strong R&D program

Strong Links to the Semiconductor Community

We provide over 2,000 hours of circuit edit / device modification ("microsurgery") to our clients every year, all with fast turnaround, and working on all metal levels of the latest technologies. We also spend hundreds of hours each year on optimization of our techniques and keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field.

Familiarity with State-of-the-art Semiconductor Devices

We prepare & analyze TEM samples from dozens of manufacturers (in Si, GaAs, InP, InGaAsP, GaN, SOS, SOI, etc.), and perform microsurgery on 7 metal, 0.15 um technology devices fabricated at international locations.

History of R&D, Applications Development & Partnerships Fibics recently developed and sold technology (patent pending) for uniform milling of Copper Interconnect during microsurgery.

Excellent Links to Industrial Materials Science Clients

Fibics is a leader in the field of FIB applications to materials science, particularly with regard to TEM specimen preparation to solve complex metallurgical problems. We have extensive experience working with U.S. and European government agencies and research labs, as well as large industrial companies - particularly in the fields of advanced materials and corrosion of a range of metallurgical systems.