FIB Application

TEM Image of a Microprocessor Prepared by FIB

Keywords :
Integrated circuit, Tem, FIB TEM Sample Preparation
  • temmicroprocessor25219387.jpg
    Figure 1:TEM image of a microprocessor prepared using a FIB.
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This is a transmission electron microscope image of a section of a microprocessor. The cross-section was prepared using a FIB to precisely section the transistor at the bottom left corner. Specimens like this site specific TEM sample can be prepared to only 25 nanometers thick.

This image demonstrates two real advantages of fabricating samples using a FIB microscope: a reasonable amount of control over the final thickness can be exercised by using the FIB and; the great advantage of site-specificity allows the location of the TEM sample to be selected with sub-micron positional accuracy.